Ceramika Galia

We are a family-owned company with many years experience in producing the known around the world ceramic ware from Bolesławiec. Already for two generations we are supplying our clients with unique and handmade pottery. We use natural raw materials which mainly originate from sources in the neighbourhood of Bolesławiec. Thanks to the usage of these natural resources we are continuing the centuries old tradition of our region.


The whole production process that takes place in our manufacture is free of automation elements. This mean we are not using any mechanical equipment that replaces human work. Thanks to that our products are entirely handmade: from the very beginning when the clay is being produced and poured into the forms, thorough the painting process, till the last stage when the products are glazed and put into the oven.


We have a very wide variety of shapes to choose from so our ceramic ware is perfect for everyday usage. The very high temperature of firing (1230°C, 2246°F) guarantees their durability and quality. Our pottery is perfect for the usage in the kitchen. It is designed to be dishwasher, microwave and cooker safe. Moreover we use environmentally friendly paints and glazes that are cadmium and lead free.


Galia’s decorations are made by hand with an original stamping technique known to our area. Additionally to the stamps we are offering decorations with flowers painted with a brush. Moreover our characteristic style is a daring gamut of colours inspired by the changing seasons. This artistic creativity enables us to offer you exceptional and uniquely stylish ceramic ware to compliment your home.

galia ceramika
ceramika Galia


As a handicraft manufacturer we have always been more concerned with the quality of our products than with the quantity production. Mass production is definitely not our thing. So if you are looking for unique and handmade products please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are interested in national as well as international collaborations.

The production of pottery from Bolesławiec started over 700 year ago. But the running time forces manufactures to combine the tradition with current trends. That’s why we constantly strive to develop our offer and answer to market demands. We are also equally open to individual requirements and suggestions from clients and we warmly invite you to contact us with your ideas.


Thanks to its uniqueness and durability the pottery from Bolesławiec became known all around the world. That’s why now you can also find products of Ceramika Galia in many different countires. We are exporting to the USA, Canada and Japan, just to mention a few. Underneath you will find  map with all the countries in which our products are sold.

ceramika Galia

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